Mixing tank units

Mixing tank



The ZYZ-MIXPro can be operated using various controllers, depending on the knowledge of the user and the level of flexibility they are looking for.

    • Operation is simple and intuitive, but can also provide flexibility and advanced control, when that is required.
    • All the requirements needed were incorporated into our units that fully meet the needs of growers and crops all over the world.
The ZYZ-MIXPro is available in various configurations and capacities, from 10 m³/hour to 90 m³/hour or higher.


The ZYZ-MIXCompact is ideal for growers who need a basic fertigation system that is affordable and easy to use. It is a standard unit with a number of effective options and certain basic features.

    • The ZYZ-MIXCompact is easy to operate with your climate computer which enables you to manage your irrigation providing integrated control over high-precision nutrient blends.
    • Equipped with a host of basic options which do not require any additional investment because all these options are included as standard.
The ZYZ-MIXCompact is available in various configurations and capacities, from 1 m³/hour to 10 m³/hour.