About us



About us

Here are some reasons why you should consider using Zyztems,  to design your greenhouse project.

Licensed Professional Engineers

We have licensed professional engineers trained in greenhouse structures and systems. We design from the start with the current versions of AutoCAD.  We have a large supply of blocks and standard prints of greenhouse systems from our past work, enabling us to quickly design your project.


Unlike some design teams, we are independent of the manufacturers and work directly for our clients. This enables us to specify the broadest line of products, producing the most competitive bids.

Teamwork based approach

We routinely team up with a small group of greenhouse engineers on projects.  This enables us to share experience and maximize our talents.  On many projects we are working with architects, other engineers, maintenance staff growers, professors and administrators.  We have experience working remotely and on site.

Systems based design

To us a greenhouse isn’t just a sun room.  It has a responsibility to create growing environments optimized for the plants.  We make sure that the systems are designed to work together and are controlled by a well-designed greenhouse grade control system.

Real world costing data

From our years of experience, and our deep ties to the greenhouse industry, we are able to provide accurate costing of your greenhouse structure and systems.